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Community description:community for the series one piece


✔ Please keep wank to a minimum. Just because it's the internet doesn't mean you can be a douchebag.
✔ Keep images to a max dimension of 500x500. Anything larger -- or if you have more than one image -- that will need to be put under a cut.
✔ All downloads -- be they music/scans/etc -- should be friends only.
✔ All fanworks (fic, icons, grapics, etc) are welcome.
✔ Doujinshi scans/downloads are allowed, but need to be locked.
✔ Roleplay ads are allowed, however they need to be put under a cut; if it's not, the entry will be deleted.
✔ ALL SPOILERS MUST BE UNDER A CUT; that's only fair.
Please use the tags! If you're unsure, just use the 'misc' tag and a mod will change it to what it's supposed to be under.

✔ layout coding from here

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ace, blueno, bon clay, brooke, chopper, franky, fukurou, gold roger, iceburg, jyabura, kaku, kalifa, kumadori, luffy, nami, one piece, rob lucci, robin, sanji, shanks, smoker, spandam, trafalgar law, usopp, whitebeard, zoro
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