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Zoro Learns Some Manners - Prologue

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Zoro Learns Some Manners
Chapter: Prologue
Rating: M - this chapter / ADULTS ONLY - story
Pairing: Zoro / Sanji
Warning: contains a lot of very strong language and steamy Yaoi / boysecks (Zoro x Sanji) as well as good ol' ZoSan violence
Summary: Zoro starts to have 'different' feelings about a certain blonde... He knows what he wants, he just doesn't know how to get it. Lust. Sex. Violence. And just maybe... love.

This is my best fic so far - a twenty chapter epic that is now COMPLETE. I wanted to share it now that I'm making a new home at dreamwidth. I'll post a chapter or two each week. Enjoy!

Lusting over a ladies man is not for the faint hearted