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Supernovas fics


I'm a newbie who's a huge supernovas fangirl, so I came here to share two supernovas fics.

X Drake, Basil Hawkins - G - gen.
One day, back when he was but a young, enthusiastic and faithful ensign, Drake met a strange blond boy who spoke of fate.
Involves some vague speculation on both of their past and some tarot reading.

Lasting Impression
Eustass Kidd / Trafalgar Law - PG-13 - light yaoi, lots of swearing, a list of nasty crimes. 
The first time you see Trafalgar's face is, of course, on a wanted poster.
Eustass Kidd's first impressions of one Trafalgar Law, doctor captain with the most ridiculous name ever heard for a pirate.

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