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Various One Piece fics

Hi everyone!

I created my dreamwidth account a short time ago and have now begun moving my fics to this journal. Five of my One Piece fics are here already, and of course, I'd like to share:

By My Side Luffy wants to go on an adventure, Zoro is disgruntled. Gen, friendship; rated PG

Fool for Love The grinning fool had always spelt trouble for Dadan. Non-explicit het (Dadan/Garp), What If?; rated PG-13

Pain A First Mate's sin. Gen, darkish; rated R for thoughts of self-destructive behaviour

Spelled With A 'D' (It's Nothing But Trouble) He hates the letter 'D'. Gen, rated PG-13

Treasure Hat A promise from his brother, the future Pirate King. Gen, family, fluff; rated PG