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Bridget McKennitt [userpic]

Not Prime Time (AO3 collection)
npt_admin on LJ | npt_admin on DW
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Frequently Asked Questions | Nominated Fandoms and Characters

Here is the signup form. Signups close May 8th.

So far we only have one One Piece request, but it'd be great to see more One Piece requests/offers.

ishime [userpic]


I'm a newbie who's a huge supernovas fangirl, so I came here to share two supernovas fics.

X Drake, Basil Hawkins - G - gen.
One day, back when he was but a young, enthusiastic and faithful ensign, Drake met a strange blond boy who spoke of fate.
Involves some vague speculation on both of their past and some tarot reading.

Lasting Impression
Eustass Kidd / Trafalgar Law - PG-13 - light yaoi, lots of swearing, a list of nasty crimes. 
The first time you see Trafalgar's face is, of course, on a wanted poster.
Eustass Kidd's first impressions of one Trafalgar Law, doctor captain with the most ridiculous name ever heard for a pirate.

Tags: fanfic
serrende [userpic]

Dunno if this will be of use or interest to anyone else, but anyway: I made a list of personal fanfic recs, posted here on my journal.

Now, this is a hideously subjective list, with a lot of bias for my favourite characters and pairings (though that does not mean I dislike all those characters and pairings that aren't on the list!). I've excluded WIPs and f-locked fics, but I'm still pretty sure there are lots of good, even great stories out there that are not on the list. Sometimes because I've never read them, or I have but my memory is faulty; or in some cases, they were left off because I'd listed so many stories by that writer already.

So this list should not be taken as anything but my own opinion. And while I would still say that I do think all the fics listed on it are well worth reading, I doubt I can get others to agree on each and every one. Tastes always vary, after all.

Feedback is highly welcome, nitpicks very much included. (This goes double for writers of any of these who would like me to adjust summaries, etc.)

pel pel [userpic]

{o8} MISC

Find the rests HERE at narben!

Dancing Moon [userpic]

Hiya, newbie here

I recently posted some impressions my impressions of re-reading the beginning of One Piece, because I feel that there's a lot of things being picked up again in the manga right now. And also because I felt myself forgetting what actually was happening. It's in this post, in case anyone wants to discuss with me :)

(There's also a mini-review of the fifth movie, but it basically boils down to "meh".)

serrende [userpic]

I've expanded and reposted a ficlet previously posted on the LJ challenge comm [profile] onepiece_300. It features Dadan and Makino and is about (spoiler for Luffy's flashback arc) Dadan's reaction to the big fire on Gray Terminal that almost killed her(/spoiler). Don't read this if you haven't read the manga up through chapter 589 or seen the equivalent anime episodes.

Link to fic on my journal

hunterwithcause [userpic]

Title: Nothing to Choose
Pairing/Characters: Strawhats
Genre/Category: What if?, gen
Rated: PG-13
Word count: ~12,000
Warnings: Character deaths, self-destructive behaviour
Spoilers/Setting: Spoilers up to the end of Thriller Bark, set sometime between TB and SA
Disclaimer: One Piece does not belong to me.

Summary: A sum is made up of many parts. Take one part away and the sum changes. The Strawhat Pirates are made up of nine members. Take one member away...

A/N: A story told in ten parts. Parts 1 through nine to be found here. I waited until moving this fic from my LJ to here until the ninth part was done, as an incentive to write. ;)

Link to the first part

Mood accomplishedMood accomplished
Tags: fanfic
chaosraven [userpic]

Sign-ups for [community profile] onepiece_bb are only open for five more days! If you have any interest in writing or drawing for our big bang, make sure you sign up before Jan 31st.

See the rules here and then sign-up here.

Linked around, so I'm sorry for those of you who get spammed.

chaosraven [userpic]

Hey everyone, sign-ups are now open at [community profile] onepiece_bb until January 31st. See the rules here and then sign up here.

We're doing a multi-tier method, so if you can't write 20,000 words, not to worry! There are 4 different tiers to chose from for both authors and artists.

I look forward to seeing many people there!

(Sorry if you get spammed by this, we will be posting it around!)

darlingfox [userpic]

20 icons for [community profile] fandom20in20's round seven + 6 extras

HERE @ [community profile] luova_tauko

Also, the voting posts are up. If you have time, drop in and vote for your favorites. There's a lot of pretty icons to choose from!

You can also sign up for round eight to make your own set of One Piece icons. :D

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