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N00b XD

Hellooo everyone :)

I've finally uploaded my first ever post on dreamwidth and I wanted to share the good bits with you!

First, a tiny bit on me: I'm a slightly elusive net fiend with a love of art, music, anime, manga, reading, writing and especially ZoSan! My favourite animes are One Piece and Naruto (slightly over done I know, but they are just so freaking EPIC!!!) I write fanfic, I make dodgy avatars and I love to join random One Piece comms and look at the awesome fanfic and art of other people!

As a little house warming gift:

Here are some avatars for everyone to gank - mostly One Piece with emphasis on the ZoSan: One Piece Avatars

Here is my author page at (lots of fluff, short pieces and PG to mild M goodness): Slightly Naughty Fic

...and last but certainly not least, here is my ADULT fan fiction author page... heavy emphasis on the ADULT!: Adults Only Fic

Looking forward to getting to know you,