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Title: Adapting
Rating: G
Pairings/Character(s): Chopper, Robin
Word count: 313

Summary:  Not long after the Davy Back Fight, the Straw Hats decide to enjoy the summer weather. However, Chopper has never liked very hot climates.

Everyone, except Chopper had voted to relax at the beach. With every step Chopper took, he could feel beads of sweat gathering, making his fur clump together. He was used to the snow and cold winds whipping his fur about. Feeling drowsy from the heat, Chopper, curled up against a Pine tree and groggily watched his crewmates.

Luffy, Ussop and Sanji were playing in the water, while Nami and Robin sunbathed, while Zoro snored loudly in a hammock. Chopper shifted his weight a little, trying to get comfortable on the rough sand. Eventually, he just sprawled out on the sand, still feeling uncomfortable and tried to sleep.

“Excuse me, Doctor-san.”  Chopper sleepily looked up to see Robin holding a towel and smiling gently. 

“You looked uncomfortable. I thought you might feel better resting on a beach towel, “Robin explained kindly.

“Thanks Robin! It’s so hard to rest in this heat. It was always cold in Drum Kingdom! I’d only read about heat like this until Alabast- uh ... “Chopper was still nervous about mentioning Robin and the Straw Hats’ time as enemies. He blushed furiously with embarrassment.  Robin simply chuckled softly at the reindeer’s awkwardness. She sat beside Chopper while he lay on the beach towel.

“I’ve always lived in cold weather. Even though it was really hard living there sometimes, it was all I knew for so long. It was home” Chopper admitted, feeling a rare twinge of home sickness. Robin’s gentle, yet mysterious smile faded, replaced with a look of deep sadness.

“Adapting to different locations is certainly difficult. Moving from one place to another can be tiring, yet ... it is often necessary.”

“Robin?” The young reindeer blinked in confusion.

“Hmm? Oh, I'm fine! I suppose I’m just feeling tired from the heat.” Robin smiled at Chopper once more, and slowly walked back to join the rest of the crew.